"This was a wonderful experience! I loved the cooking weeks with Chef Jean Paul Naquin because his international experience added a lot to the overall experience, plus his openness to adapt recipes to our request was fabulous!
Carin (Deutschland)

"I’ve quite my last job to pursue a career in culinary arts and I chose the Institut Paul Bocuse because it is the heart of gastronomy, founded by Paul Bocuse the soul of food in my opinion. There is no other place I’d rather be than come and learn here. The Chefs are very friendly, they give you everything that you need, a lots of technics and knowledge, and then you can create your own way of cooking. There are no word to really describe the CUISINE & CULTURE program. I would say that it is fun, incredible and knowledgeable. After that I will apply for a job in Lyon to work with French Chefs. Then, I might come back to participate in the Intensive CULINARY program for professionals."
Rachel (Lebanon)

“Dear Chef, I wish to express my thanks for your help and guidance during my time at the Institute. You are an excellent Chef and teacher who has inspired me to do my best with my cuisine at home for my friends and family. I have great memories of my time in Lyon, due in part from my time in your kitchen and the wonderful cuisine you so skillfully taught us to make. I wish you all the best and I hope this finds you in good health.”

James (USA)

"I recommend CUISINE & PASSION to anyone who loves food and to cook. Come naturally, be curious, be ready to work hard and make long days and of course be ready to eat a lot! Chefs are very encouraging and care about students. They teach us and let us having our own experience."
Caroline (Canada)

"Chefs give us different tips according to our level of cooking. I own a Bed & Breakfast so I am used to cook for many people but I needed advice to learn technical skills for cutting and cooking. That’s what I have found in the CUISINE & PASSION program. I really appreciate the professionalism of this program."
Kerstin (Deutschland)

"My keywords to describe the CUISINE & PASSION program: fascinating, rigorous, well-organized and structured. Enormously helpful for my cooking skill set and loads of fun. I have loved my 3 weeks at Institut Paul Bocuse. Thank you so much!"
Martha Grace (USA)

"Overall a top notch program! The level of professionalism and amount of learning was very impressive! I can't thank you enough for everything. It really was an amazing time. I enjoyed every day of the course."
Lee (Norway)

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