Studies and Tests

Studying and testing opinions, to back decision making
Thanks to the multiplicity of the expertise at Institut Paul Bocuse, the Studies & Tests phase covers a product or service and meets the needs of both:
  • COMPANIES who wish to develop a product or service, to test a concept or prototype, before launching it on the market;
  • SCHOOLS or UNIVERSITIES that wants to reposition their educational offering internationally.

Experts from the Institut Paul Bocuse are at your service for missions on our sites. They are also internationally mobile and can move within the teams to accompany you to the adoption of an optimized solution.

  • Focus groups of consumers and/or experts: creation and innovation starting from an ingredient, concept or utensil... and search for possible avenues of innovation on products, trainings or concepts.
  • In situ assessment: reaction of a "subject" relative to a teaching method, concept or prototype.
  • Exploratory studies: understanding of practices linked to the utilization of a product or service.
  • Watch: assessment of scientific, economic, societal data on a given issue.

Studies & tests

Leading edge scientific expertise at the service of companies and Institutions

Institut Paul Bocuse makes all of its infrastructures available for its partners in order to recreate different modes of living and test real "subjects", like those defined by the study, in real-life situations.

Specifically, the Institut enjoys a venue that is unique in the world: the Center for Food and Hospitality Research at Institut Paul Bocuse. It studies the uses,choices, and perceptions of a "subject". It belongs to the European network of Living Labs and offers access to an entirely modular experimental space and equipped with cameras, including a restaurant (configurations in various modes: brasserie, self-service, restaurant, canteen, in-home, bar...) and a kitchen that features a leading professional cooking equipment.

A kitchen at the School of Cuisine for amateurs enthusiasts also includes home equipment that allows 'in situ' study of food preparation by non-professional cooks.

Institut Paul Bocuse thereby combines the field expertise of professionals, teachers and researchers.

The facilities are also available to independent contractors.

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