Specialization International Wine and Beverage Management

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Specialization International Wine and Beverage ManagementInternational Wine and Beverage Management: Product, Distribution, Sales and Service – Wine and beverage is an exploding multi-billion dollar industry in need of knowledgeable young talent with professional management skill. From wine to beer to vodka to coffee to water, the beverage offer has diversified with global brands, regional offerings from around the world, artisanal small batch producers, and gastronomic options.

This specialization looks at the complex world of beverage management from growing and production through distribution, sales and service with a wide range of courses designed to provide you with in-depth product knowledge complemented by management know-how specifically applied to the environment. The latest product and service innovations such as gastronomic mixology are featured as you learn from stars of the industry as well as higher level academics.
Specialization International Wine & Beverage Management
The module encompasses French, European and New World wines but also the full range of fermented and distilled beverages, coffees, teas, waters and non-alcoholic offerings and highlights tasting, service skills, product mastery, knowledge of distribution and supply chain, legal and ethical insight, understanding of marketing, merchandizing and branding as well as the skills needed for retail and outlet management of stores, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and casinos.

60 ECTS - 30 weeks


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