PhD Program

Being a doctoral student at Institut Paul Bocuse

Training based on multidisciplinary research in keeping with the professions related to hotels, restaurants and the culinary arts

Each doctoral student is overseen by a research committee comprised of a director, a co-director from separate discipline, a member of the scientific counsel and an industry/professional associate. Students and chefs from Institut Paul Bocuse can also be called upon to aid in the course of the student’s research.

Operating results are regularly presented to partners through reports and presentations. A minimum of two publications in international scientific journals are written during the doctoral study. The results are also published through posters and/or lectures at scientific conferences relevant to the discipline.

Thesis/dissertation process

During the first month of the dissertation, the researcher conducts scientific and technique monitoring. This step includes an assessment of knowledge and views on the subject, an overview of the methodologies associated with the problem, a review of questions and the formulation of the hypotheses.
The following months are devoted to the development of methodologies and/or pilot studies.

At this stage, the doctoral student validates or adapts his/her chosen scientific approach (measurement, questioning, analyses).
The student then concentrates on the study of consumers in the context of consumption and selected products according to their theme. Finally, the last months are dedicated to drafting the actual dissertation, its conclusions and recommendations and to publishing their results

The student also benefits from the additional input of a team of experts from different disciplines which is specifically established to help guide their research.

The research projects are carried out in different periods ranging from several months to several years depending on the type of study; long term project (PhD), medium term project (post doctorate), and short-term studies project (masters training period).

Thesis conducted at the Institut Paul bocuse




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