Master’s degree in International Hotel & restaurant Management


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Diploma training
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Niveau I
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MSc in International Hospitality Management

The global hospitality industry today is booming and expected to grow significantly over the next few years. The search for talent to manage this expansion in fast growing markets around the world is highly competitive. Companies need innovative leaders who can bring new venture ideas to businesses, understand the diverse expectations of their customers across global markets, and master the complexity and the unique structure of hospitality-based business models.
This is why Institut Paul Bocuse, a world-renowned school of hospitality management and gastronomy, and emlyon business school, devoted to learning for entrepreneurial and international management, jointly created this degree to help meet the recruitment needs of this ever-evolving and highly international industry. This program provides the unique opportunity for students to develop their expertise on international campuses in Lyon-Ecully (France) and in Shanghai (China).
emlyon business school
In partnership with: emlyon business school
  • MSc awarded by emlyon business school
  • Title level I Master’s degree in International Hotel & Restaurant Management registered on the National Register for Professional Certification


MSc in International Hospitality Management

Capitalizing on the faculty and industry experts of two recognized leaders, the MSc in International Hospitality Management provides you with a solid foundation in general management as well as specialist knowledge in new venture creation, lifestyle hospitality management, brand design and innovation management.

Taking place in France and in China, the program ensures an international learning experience to help you develop the intercultural skills that are essential to succeed in this global industry.

The teaching methods, providing a balance between theory, analysis, creativity, and student-centered projects, offer you a comprehensive learning experience, fully preparing you for your management career in the international hospitality industry.

The MSc in International Hospitality Management is a 16-month, full-time program delivered exclusively in English.
The internship period allows you to capitalize on the program’s network, and gain the tangible work experience future employers look for when hiring managers.

  • Introduction: Professional Immersion Module
  • Semester 1: emlyon business school campus
  • Semester 2: Institut Paul Bocuse campus
  • Semester 3: Shanghai campus
  • Semester 4: International internship from four to nine months


Benefits of this training

MSc in International Hospitality Management

  • Benefit from the combined expertise of two worldwide leaders uniting tradition, innovation and excellence
  • Learn to lead through innovation and to develop a holistic approach to international hospitality management
  • Spend a semester in Asia, where Hospitality excels
  • Distinguish yourself in the industry and manage your career successfully thanks to access to a broad network of international companies

Terms of admission

Admission requirement

The MSc in International Hospitality Management is delivered in one year plus internship. It's entirely taught in English.

This MSc is open to graduates of four-year undergraduate programs or Master.
A bridge program is available for students with 3-year hospitality management or culinary degrees through Institut Paul Bocuse.

Admission and financial terms on the MSc in International Hospitality Management website

What next ?

Job opportunity

MSc in International Hospitality Management
Both institutions feature dedicated careers services departments that help you prepare for your future career and develop your professional network within the global hospitality industry. This team of experts will provide you with continual support in identifying career goals and developing action plans to achieve them as well as support you in your internship search and career launch.

With various workshops, tools, and one-to-one time with careers service consultants, you will prepare your entry into the global business world.

Become a remarkable hospitality leader: Hotel General Management, Foodservice Management, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Control, Asset Management, Business Development, Financial and Operational Consulting, Hospitality Corporate Management, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, etc.


Admissions supervisor

Institut Paul Bocuse
Olivier Rejany
+33 (0)4 72 18 02 20

Program Supervisor

Martine Ferry
+33 (0)4 26 20 71 79

emlyon business school

Carlos Lopez Bonilla
+33 (0)4 78 33 79 34

Eduniversal Ranking

The MSc in International Hospitality Management has been ranked 2nd among the best Masters, MS and MBA in the category of Hospitality Management.
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Worldwide Hospitality Awards


The Title as Master’s degree in International Hotel & Restaurant Management (level I), registered on the National Register for Professional Certification, is accessible through the VAE (Validation of the Acquisition of Experience).

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