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JOAGROUPE (casinos): audit of the competencies of the food service teams, the menu offering and the kitchen organization
Joa"We wanted to enhance the technical and managerial competence of our food service teams and improve the number of guests for our restaurants located in the casinos of the Group. A diagnostic of our offering was carried out by ID Institut Paul Bocuse in order to clarify the axes of the actions necessary to reach this objective. The results were immediately visible and characterized by higher motivation in the teams and an increase in the number of guests and turnover." Laurent Lassiaz, President of the Board, JoaGroupe.

THE UNIVERSITY USIL OF LIMA (Peru): Engineering and training auditUSIL
ID Institut Paul Bocuse led a quality of the infrastructures, the courses and the pedagogical practices in order to improve the areas for training and learning and develop the performance of the team in a competitive context.

MCCAIN: validation of a mobile restaurant offering based on potatoes
"Considering the reputation of Institut Paul Bocuse, we decided to call on the competence and know-how of the structure to develop our new PotatoMobile project. The initial objective was to demonstrate the value of all the benefits of potatoes, and especially of McCain oven potatoes. Our potatoes come directly from the partnership with our growers and are simply oven baked in our factories. Institut Paul Bocuse accompanied us to develop recipes initiating the first contacts with suppliers as well as for the definition of the specifications on the nutritional, culinary and technical levels." Alexandre Testu, General Manager PotatoMobile, McCain Continental Europe.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE SHOW FOR FOOD SERVICE, HOSPITALITY AND FOOD: conceptualization of an ephemeral food service theme
SirhaFor the second consecutive year, Marie-Odile Fondeur, general manager of SIRHA, has entrusted the conceptualization and management of two dining areas, "Sixième Sens" and "Wine Bar", to 3rd-year students in the International Hotel and Restaurant Management Bachelor’s degree program at Institut Paul Bocuse, supervised by the Institut’s pedagogical team.

YOPLAIT: a search for new flavors based on the know-how of true experts in gastronomy
"We sought to create, innovate then produce a sensorial experience based on the pleasure of tasting. Through discussion groups organized by the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center, we were able to explore new approaches to products and concept ideas." Brice Le Roy, R&D Manager, Yoplait.
This study called on an expert pastry chef who perfectly mastered the techniques and who developed culinary models in view of performing consumer tests enabling the product to be put in front of end users. On one hand, the discussion groups allowed consumer representations and expectations to be determined, and on the other hand, they enabled the potential of these new products to be evaluated. In addition, these exchanges were filmed thanks to different camera angles, by a studies manager who recorded the results in a scoring grid following a very precise protocol in order to obtain objective results.

ELIOR: the assessment of a new model for collective food service intended for middle school students
Elior RestaurationThanks to the reconstruction of a real dining environment inside the Research Center experimental restaurant, Institut Paul Bocuse observed and studied the reactions of middle school students; the studies manager then developed the interpretation of the results through discussion groups measuring choices and perceptions in order to evaluate this new consumption model in a precise and concrete way.

HOSPICES CIVILS DE LYON (HCL): service in a hospital environment
Hospices Civils de Lyon
"Undernutrition is a widespread problem in European hospitals. This undernutrition is in part linked to the loss of the desire to eat brought about by illness or its treatments. The reflection carried out by Institut Paul Bocuse has revealed that the quality of meal service is significantly correlated to patient satisfaction, their consumption and appreciation of food items. We have therefore made our care givers in charge of meal service aware of this and have trained them with the help of the Institut regarding the importance of being welcoming and providing good service in order to have better care for patients." Cécile Chambrier, President of CLAN at HCL.

BMW FRANCE: strengthening its position as leader and reinforcing its Premium automobile brand image
BMW France called upon the expertise of Institut Paul Bocuse to accompany it in its competence development program for its sales teams regarding customer relations and the customer experience, verbal and non-verbal behavior in the context of top-of-the-range welcome.

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