Anne-Laure Leuck

1998 graduate of Institut Paul Bocuse

Anne-Laure Leuck

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After an initial university run, Anne-Laure enrolled in the Culinary Arts and Hotel School in 1995 and received her diploma in 1998.
The three years she spent in this incredible environment represented a decisive turning point in her personal and professional life: a fundamentally revealing and constructive phase that she never would have experienced without the backing of a scholarship.

Since 1997, she has had the opportunity to witness the various changes and transformations that Gérard Pélisson has initiated at Institut Paul Bocuse.

As she is now professionally and viscerally linked to the Institut Paul Bocuse family, she is increasingly convinced each day of the importance of supporting and revealing new missions, which are the future pillars and drivers of our trades.
The "G&G Pélisson" Foundation is a major asset in the life of the Institute, and a genuine opportunity for many upcoming talents.

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  • Alliance Culinary Seminar 2018
    From September 24th to September 28th 2018, the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Alliance Annual Culinary Seminar.


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