An overview of the foundation

Gérard & Gilles Pélisson

The G&G Pélisson foundation for Institut Paul Bocuse


Established in November 2015 at the initiative of Gérard Pélisson, in agreement with Institut Paul Bocuse and with the support of its Alumni, the G&G Pélisson foundation operates under the aegis of the Fondation de France, thereby benefiting from its 45 years of expertise.


To provide Institut Paul Bocuse with the means to pursue its action and enable it to become a permanent catalyst for the innovation and modernity that embody the French "art de vivre".
Institut Paul Bocuse provides education in excellence in the hospitality and culinary arts sectors. "It helps our specialized trades flourish within a university setting". These trades are key components of both industry and tourism worldwide.
Thanks to the excellence of its teaching and research activities, the Institut plays a major role in the academic and scientific recognition of this sector.


1) To participate in the development of Institut Paul Bocuse's infrastructures
2) To support students (through social and merit scholarships and funding for theses)
3) To contribute to the development of innovative educational projects (new technologies, etc.)
4) To increase Institut Paul Bocuse's reach in France and worldwide


Sharing & Benevolence: promoting the passing down of know-how and etiquette. Enabling all those who have talent to enroll at Institut Paul Bocuse.
Excellence & Innovation:
thanks to its support of Institut Paul Bocuse's academic development, the Foundation also supports research and innovation and helps to promote education excellence.
Pride of membership:
the foundation is able to rally a group of people - who are mindful of the transmission of France's heritage and "art de vivre" - around a common cause.

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  • Alliance Culinary Seminar 2018
    From September 24th to September 28th 2018, the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Alliance Annual Culinary Seminar.


FONDATION G&G PELISSON pour l'Institut Paul Bocuse
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