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How can you support us?

Anyone can support the G&G Pélisson Foundation for Institut Paul Bocuse on an individual basis or on behalf of one's company. You can give by making a one-time donation, or an annual donation over several years. You can also show your commitment through other forms of support.

Every donation is important for the development of the Foundation (for the benefit of Institut Paul Bocuse), no matter the amount.

  • Cash donations
    The G&G Pélisson Foundation for Institut Paul Bocuse is able to accept single donations or ones that span several years. Your donation can be made online, by check, by bank transfer or through direct debits.
  • Bequests
    You can freely choose to transmit all or some of your assets to the Foundation. You can bequeath a sum of money, property (apartment, house, land, etc.) and chattel (furniture, art objects, a portfolio of securities, life insurance, copyrights, patents, etc.).
  • Donations
    The G&G Pélisson Foundation for Institut Paul Bocuse is able to accept notarized donations, temporary "use-of-asset" donations, the proceeds from a copyright sale and even inheritance donations when an individual is a beneficiary.
  • Donations of securities
    The Foundation is able to accept donations of securities: stock donations, bond donations and mutual fund donations.

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  • Alliance Culinary Seminar 2018
    From September 24th to September 28th 2018, the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Alliance Annual Culinary Seminar.


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