A naming campaign devoted to alumni

On March 20, 2019

The Institut Paul Bocuse alumni association, with the assistance of the Fondation G&G Pélisson, is launching a sponsorship campaign called “My Seat at the Institut Paul Bocuse” devoted entirely to former students.

This campaign is part of the Institut Paul Bocuse Campus project which aims to build a 6000 m2 expansion and renovate existing facilities by 2020. It will host new spaces dedicated to educational innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Sponsoring a chair at the future campus will show an alumnus’ attachment to the school they once attended
. This simple act will allow former students to aid younger ones during their training.

“By having your name etched into this leather strap, you’re adding a sign of the past and showing that you were at the Institut. It also points the way to the future, as it will help students realize how many came before them, an indelible link between eras.”
Sébastien Leroy (Class of 2005-2007) – President of the Alumni Association

“A school’s success depends on the excellence of its teachers, the quality of its campus facilities, and the strength of its alumni network.
As a former student myself, I’m pleased to donate a Chair in order to support the Institut’s transformation in its quest to become a world leader in culinary art and hospitality management.”
Stéphanie Zemsky-Farcet (Class of 1994)

Are you an Alumnus of the Institut Paul Bocuse? Want to learn more?

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