Academic development

Diploma ceremony ITE 
Hervé Fleury, Executive Vice-President of Institut Paul Bocuse, with S.E Benjamin Dubertret, Ambassador of France, Bruce Poh, CEO of ITE, Chef Otto Weibel and the management team of ITE College West.

Accompaniment of public and private international development projects

Institut Paul Bocuse has been successfully accompanying development projects requested by public or private institutions in a number of countries. We therefore export our expertise in pedagogical engineering and in international management for the hospitality, food service and culinary arts sectors while favoring the influence of the French ‘art de vivre’ and promoting the cultural specificities of our partners coming from all the continents.

Developed by the Institut Paul Bocuse in 2004, the Worldwide Alliancethe Alliance of Excellence Schools of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts - promotes synergies. This hub of expertises now includes 17 partners stimulate each other with their respective habits and customs, pedagogical and societal values. It adapts to the future challenges of international tourism in a growing market. ERASMUS programs are possible among these institutions.

Institut Paul Bocuse has chosen Singapore in 2011, Peru in 2012 and South Korea in 2017 to deliver its Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management program outside of its borders.
ITE USILKorea's Woosong University

Founded in February 2013, ACAM - Academia Culinaria de las Americas (Guatemala) is in partnership with Institut Paul Bocuse for the development of its pedagogical program and the training of the teams. 

The Thai leading hotel group DUSIT has chosen the Institut Paul Bocuse to launch its executive education programs. Delivered on its new campus in Manila, which will open in 2017, we will support these professionals towards a surge in operational and managerial skills to meet the challenges of a developing Asian market.

The know-how of Institut Paul Bocuse therefore knows no boundaries, nor does the extent of the opportunities offered by this sector.

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